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Brian and Karen's Rehearsal Dinner

Pam and Kim planned a great Rehearsal dinner for Brian and Karen at a vineyard in Naches. It had a beautiful view of the Yakima area. 

Jeremy and I in our matching blue shirts. 

Getting some Snuggles on a swing. 

Pam and her boys having some dinner. 

Brian and Karen gave out gifts for all their wedding party people. Elizabeth got a wand, some cosmetics, and a fun boa! She played with the wand and boa all night! 

She was also very insistent that she wear a "coral" colored dress to the rehearsal since that was the wedding color. 

Nathan got a nerf gun which he also played with all night. He spent a lot of time running after Elizabeth and shooting her with it. Luckily, they had a big open field to do this!

They had a few fun swings that the kids had fun on. 

Checking out the grapes. 

Shooting things with his gun. 

A great view!

Another great view!

Playing around. 

The groomsmen gift included the tie and suspenders that the groomsmen needed to wear for the wedding. Jeremy tried them on with his blue shirt and shorts. He looked pretty silly! 

Uncle Brian

Karen and Brian

Posing with a traveling Minion! 

Some bridal party pictures. Nathan was upside down. 

Nathan was quite impressed that he and Uncle Brian were twins with their plaid shirts. 

The beginning of many photos Brian and Karen posed for over the next few days! 


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