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8 year old drivers

Watch out everyone. Nathan is driving all by himself! 

Nathan can finally completely reach the pedals in the Kubota. Papa Norm has been teaching him to drive for years and he can now finally drive all on his own! 

I rode next to him. It was VERY weird to be sitting in the passenger seat next to your 8 year old who is driving independently! I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child that drives! I was amazed at how well he can drive. It has finally clicked and he's completely gotten the hang of it. 

He has no problems keeping the Kubota just where he wants it. When he goes around corners, he slows down perfectly to take the turns. It was just a weird, weird feeling for me to see him as an independent driver! By the time he's 16, he will have been driving on his own for 8 years! My goodness. Thanks for all the lessons Papa Norm! 


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