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It was a rather rough week at VBS this year. When we weren't at the hospital or doctor's I was helping in the kitchen so I didn't take many pictures. I got a few. 

Here is Elizabeth with her crew leaders. She had two!

Nathan and his crew leader. 

A picture during snack time. Their tables were next to each other. The reason the kids are wearing little hats is because the theme was "Cave Quest." They pretended they were in caves. 

Since I was in the kitchen, I took a few pictures during snack prep. Every day, we had one age group come down to do snack prep and make 325 snacks that were required for everyone. Here was Elizabeth's snack prep day. This day, it was the 1st and 2nd graders helping us make all the snacks. 

They used an assembly file system to make up the snacks. 

Nathan's snack prep day was 3rd and 4th graders. He got to dump maple syrup into 325 little cups. Guess who got to wash the 325 cups? 

Eating her snack. 


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