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School is out!

Yesterday was the last day of school! I will never have a kindergartner again! 

The weather this last week was crazy! Monday and Tuesday the temperature was 102! Yesterday on Friday, a big rainstorm had rolled through overnight. When the kids left for school, they wore jackets and it was 58 degrees! It was warm and sunny by the time they got home at noon on the last day, but it was still just crazy!

She wore her long skirt too to stay warm on the walk to school. 

Goodbye Kindergarten!

My big boy is done with 2nd grade! 

They had an awards assembly at school and he came home with lots of awards! He had 111 AR points this year and that was among the top in his class. He ran 10 miles in their junior joggers program so he got an award for that. He also won "Outstanding Student in PE" for his class. so that was neat! 

Time for summer!


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