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New Camera!!!

Laura got me a SUPER nice camera for my birthday (early present). I am actually afraid of it because it is so nice. I don't know a THING about photography or how to take pictures, but I will try to learn some-at least enough to take some nice photos. 

Thanks L! You can borrow it at any time! 

I went to the backyard to take a few pictures yesterday. It was the first day of summer vacation! I don't know how to do anything fancy with it, so these are just regular pictures. I just pushed the button. 

Elizabeth picking and eating all the raspberries. 

Nathan swinging. We're going to try to have him wear his headgear as much as possible this summer. The more he wears, it the faster he's done with it!! He's only been wearing it for 5 months but we sure wish he was done. 

Hydrangeas of course. 


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