Friday, June 17, 2016

Annual Allergy Testing

The kids had their annual allergy testing done today. As usual, no good news. Same old bad news. I don't know why it upsets me so much when it happens every year. I should just be used to it by now. there is no hope. 

 Last year, Nathan ate a kiwi and got hives around his lips which we thought was weird since he'd eaten kiwi many times. Today, the test confirms he is definitely allergic to kiwi! It's the big hive next to the "K."  26 is his hazelnut hive. We just wanted to check on that one since his skin test last year said it was borderline. But this year, it's definitely an allergy. We won't be eating any nutella!

4 and 5 are his milk and egg. The doctor seems pretty surprised that instead of getting better they are actually looking worse. Again, he says there is little chance of outgrowing for Nathan. 80% of kids do, and I know so many people that had kids who were allergic to these who grow out of them. But, being almost 9, I guess Nathan is in the 20% that don't outgrow. It's just so hard to live without milk and eggs. 

We would like to start traveling more with the kids, but we're unable to eat at restaurants due to the fact that everything is cross contaminated with milk. And Nathan eats a lot of "staple" foods that he eats constantly. Could I find all these at random grocery stores in unfamiliar places? I just don't know. How can I cook easily if we are on the road? I mostly have to cook from scratch. There are some frozen type things he can eat, but how can I carry frozen foods around? A cooler wouldn't be cool enough. And then there's the whole peanuts on planes thing and peanut dust supposedly floating around in the air. Would the kids react to that? I don't know. I don't want the kids having to just eat hot dogs and oreos while traveling. They get sick of that. 

So, his food allergies are as follows: Milk, eggs, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios and now kiwi. All have the potential to be anaphylactic. 

Below is the picture of Elizabeth's back. 25 is her peanut hive and the SF is for sunflower seed. Both are very large and could potentially be anaphylactic. #20 is hazelnut. She's definitely allergic to the hazelnut. Her hive isn't as big with the hazelnut as it is with peanuts and sunflower seeds, but it's still there. 23 was cashew. Since Nathan is so allergic, we wanted to check her, but she's fine for cashew. 

The one piece of good news is that neither child is showing signs of asthma yet. I'm not bothering to hold out hope this will always be the the case. We just do our best to keep them away from too much animal dander, smoke, and mold. Not sure what else we can do. 

One other piece of good news. We went a whole year without any serious allergic reactions. We had no ingestion of any of their allergies. A few times, they got milk, egg, or peanut on their skin and got a little hive, but no one actually ate anything. It's tough work going a whole year with no ingestion, but we did it! Let's hope the next year is the same!

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