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Happy Birthday Pippa!

Pippa is 4 years old today. 

While visiting Gram, Pippa likes to come and stare at me while I'm trying to read my books. She gets really close so here is the picture I took while she was staring. 

With my children, I write a yearly update about them. With Pippa, I'm not sure what to say. She continues to do her normal things she does every year. I guess I will list them? If I'm leaving off anything, Laura, let me know and we will add it!

1. She likes to nap all day. I never see it, but apparently she does. 
2. She likes to ride around in the Kubota with Papa. If she doesn't get to go, she cries and makes life hard for Gram. 
3. She likes to chase bunnies and gets "bunny brain" something terrible. She would sniff all day for those things and never catch one. 
4. She's afraid of the vacuum. 
5. She loves social events. This year, she got to take place in an Easter Egg Hunt! Hopefully next year, she can do the Halloween events, a 5K, Bark at the Park, the Dog Film Festival and the Doodle Romp. I take my kids to all kinds of fun events. I don't know why her mother doesn't take her! How rude!
6. She likes to give Gram heart attacks. She gives Gram heart attacks yet never wants to leave her house. 


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