Thursday, January 19, 2017

Snow Day #7

Today was Snow Day #7!

The roads were still complete ice skating rinks this morning so no one went to school. It is too bad I don't own any ice skates as I could have easily skated up and down the roads the last few days!

However, the sun came out today. It was blue sky all day and 40+ degrees! The main roads are now all totally fine. The residential streets are still terrible and will ice over again tonight. Our driveway is just a sheet of ice since it's on the north side of the house and even though it was warm, no sun hit it so it didn't improve. The people across the street now all have perfect driveways since the sun hits over there!

The kids did some more playing outside and said it was so warm they could take their coats off!

Here's hoping to only a 2 hour delay tomorrow.

Although we're supposed to get a new round of snow coming in this weekend. Yay!

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