Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Outdoor Sportsman's Show

The kids and Jeremy went to the Sportsman's Show this weekend. 

Elizabeth enjoyed the animals. 

They had a few orphan animals there for the kids to look at. They were kept at quite a distance!

Tiger cub

Grown up tiger

Baby Cougar

They tried to catch fish in the fishing pond. Apparently, no fish were biting. They were full from all the extra treats they were getting all weekend. 

Elizabeth got a nibble so she was excited about that. 

Elizabeth's favorite part was the table of rocks. 

She found lots of pretty things to look at. 

Nathan practiced shooting a bow and arrow. 

Nathan decided to wear all his camo clothes for such an occasion. 

He also did some target shooting. 

He tried to catch a fish again but was unsuccessful. One of the people there was cleaning out the pond and accidentally grabbed one so she gave it to Nathan. So he did have fish for dinner! 

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