Saturday, January 14, 2017


One of our neighbors is on the Richland basketball team so we went to watch her play last night! Her team was playing their rival Hanford. Sadly, she didn't play in the game until the last 4 minutes. However, she had a great 4 minutes. She hit a 3 point shot!

Nathan enjoyed watching the game. Elizabeth liked it, but her attention span wasn't quite as long. We had brought her coloring supplies so she colored with her friend Charlotte.

Here she is dribbling the basketball down court. 

We stuck around to watch the boys game too. 

The teams running out before the game. Hanford had  a LOT of cheerleaders. 

Nathan was interested in watching all the ongoing events. He liked the band, the cheerleaders, and the Hanford gear they were selling. He wanted a Hanford scarf and Elizabeth wanted the pom poms. Elizabeth kept running into several of her 1st grade friends. It seemed all the little girls had coloring books and crayons. I guess she wasn't the only one with parents who brought entertainment!

The game tip off! Richland had a very tall player who was 7'3." Of course, he did the tip off. Just for reference, the Hanford guy jumping is 6'1" and looked very short! 

Nathan was amazed at how tall that guy was. Most all of the guys out there were over 6 feet, but that guy made them all look so tiny! 

It was very cold walking in and out of the game. It was 1 degree! Jeremy was lucky enough to find a somewhat close parking spot. 

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