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3rd Snow Day

Another snow day today! No school for the 3rd time this winter. I probably shoveled around 5 inches today? As of today, they are going to school until June 13th. I really hope it's not longer. 

However, we're supposed to get another 1-3 inches tonight so I'm not holding out hope there will be school tomorrow either!! 

The only good thing about snow days are that the kids get lots of time to make snow fun. 

Supposedly, this is the most snow we've had here in 20 years. 

I went around taking pictures of our mounds of snow so we can remember how much we had this year. I doubt we'll get snow like this again for a LONG time. We've had snow on the ground since December 6th. That's unheard of in the Tri-Cities! Over a month with snow??

There is quite a lot! I estimate 9 inches on the ground?? And we might add another 1-3 inches tonight. 

Well, at least it isn't as much as we had in Spokane in 2008! 


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