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Skate Night

We had our first Skate Party for school. I'm in charge so I didn't get a lot of pictures of them skating. I did take this quick picture of Elizabeth eating pizza. 

The class that has the most kids attend wins pizza and pop. Elizabeth's class had the most kids attend the party! I checked on the ingredients and it was safe for her. She was so excited. We hardly ever get pizza because I don't make things Nathan can't have but she'll get it sometimes at parties. So when she gets it, it's a real treat. And pop? She never gets that either as she has a mean auntie who is a dental hygienist and has told me no pop! 


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Snow Mountains

Just needed to throw up a picture of the kids running across the snow mountains in the church parking lot. 

Cascade Mountains

Jeremy and I went to Seattle last week and I took some pretty pictures of the drive. 

We went the Snoqualmie Falls way and made a quick stop by the falls. It was 45 degrees so I thought it would feel warm compared to the 10 degrees it was at home. Yet it somehow still felt really cold? 


Elizabeth has been begging me for bangs for a while. They will take a bit more maintenance, but hopefully her hair is straight enough they will lie flat and not be too much to work with. Here she is with her new bangs.