Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dead Salmon Hunt

Part of the "Play at the Park" yesterday involved a "Dead Salmon Hunt." The kids found 4 dead salmon that they were very excited about. 

Giving me a hug picture before the hunt. 

Looking for dead salmon near the shore. 

Here was the first dead floating salmon they found. Nathan tried to fish it out with a stick, but it didn't go too well. 

He got a branch with leaves and that worked much better to bring it in. 

Everybody spent time poking it with a stick and talking about what big teeth it had. 

Then, they found another one in the water which Nathan pulled up on the dock so everyone could have a nice look. 

Then, they poked it with sticks and pushed it back in the water. There were also some floating ones that they couldn't reach. 

It was just lovely!! 

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