Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dog Cousins

The dog cousins came to visit today!!! 

Here's Nathan entertaining Pippa and Henry. 

The dogs with their Moms. 

Elizabeth with her 2 aunties. 

3 sisters, 2 kids, and 2 dogs. 

Papa is some kind of dog whisperer. They would cooperate for pictures only while sitting with Papa. 

This was a funny picture. 

We're trying to get Papa Norm to read Harry Potter. He started on chapter 1 but didn't get far. He's a non-fiction fan and doesn't read fiction. 

Papa and Gram brought their apple peeler and apples so I could make a few pies. 

The kids did some apple peeling. 

The neighbors brought over their doodle so they had a doodle date! 

The dogs taking an unusual break. 

Auntie LeAnne and kids. 

Pippa and Sherman about to pounce. 

Goodbye Henry and Auntie LeAnne! Thanks for visiting! 

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