Saturday, October 22, 2016

Elizabeth's jogathon

Today is a beautiful blue sky and sunny day. Yesterday was the school jogathon. Was it a beautiful day? Nope! Luckily, Elizabeth got to run a full jogathon in no rain. It didn't rain in the morning. The primary grades ran in the morning and the intermediate grades ran in the afternoon. 

Here is Elizabeth doing some stretches with her class. 

Getting ready with a drink. 

Here she is coming around on one of her laps. My job was to check off the laps of the kids in her class. 

After the run, everyone got popsicles! 

Elizabeth ran 15 laps. They claim that every 5 laps was a mile so in theory, Elizabeth ran 3 miles during those 30 minutes. One kid in her class ran 23 laps though!! If every 5 laps was a mile, he was running VERY fast. 

Class Picture! Elizabeth is in the bottom row on the very far right. 

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