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Nathan's Jogathon

The intermediate jogathon was in the afternoon. The MINUTE before the kids came outside for their 30 minute run, it started to rain pretty heavily. The volunteers were trying to stick stickers on everyone's backs where we marked off their laps. The minute the rain would hit the sticker, they would start to fall apart! It was horrible. A lot of kids ended up having to run holding their lap stickers. 
Before the race, it was decided the kids would run for only 15 minutes instead of 30 since it was raining so hard. Nathan was not happy about this. So the kids ran for 15 minutes. There were quite a few kids who did slide around and fall. Nathan ran 10 laps during that time. In theory, that is 2 miles although I don't think the laps were measured quite precisely. 

Here's the one picture I got of Nathan running. I didn't want my phone to get soaked. You can see he is soaked and is carrying his lap card which is now in pieces and falling apart! 

After the run, his class got popsicles. They didn't stick around for class pictures! 


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