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We headed off to Silverwood. We had to make a stop by Cabela's so Jeremy could find a new holster he wanted. I was worried the kids would be bored. NOPE! There were so many animals in that building that they were busy the whole time Jeremy was finding the right holster. 


Nathan was quite impressed with the polar bear and musk oxen. 

The African section was a big hit. 

After we finished at Cabela's we headed off to Silverwood. After we parked, we headed into the park and decided the first thing we would do was the train ride. It was my favorite part! 

We saw some buffalo. We had a pretty ride through the forest. We saw a sasquatch. Our train even got robbed! That was everybody's favorite part. 

While I hiked for nearly 30 minutes out to the car to make sandwiches in the parking lot (couldn't find safe food for Nathan in the park) , the kids and Jeremy did some waterslides. Then, Elizabeth was running along the pavement and tripped and cut her toe pretty badly. From then on, she didn't want to go on any water rides so she sat with me for a while and watched the boys go on rides. 

This ride was one of their favorites. Jeremy got good at winning since he was usually the heaviest! 

Wave pool. 

After awhile, Elizabeth and I went to the non-water rides part of the park since she didn't want her toe in the water. I took some pictures. 

Here they are on a log ride. 

This was the first roller coaster the kids went on. Nathan liked it. Elizabeth did not. 

Some pretty flowers. 

Bumper boats again. 

These flowers were so pretty! 


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