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A day in Spokane

We took a trip and had a day in Spokane. The kids like Spokane because they were both born there. 

We spent some time in Riverfront Park. Shockingly, Elizabeth was not that hungry and only ate 1/4 of her sandwich. She had leftovers and gave these to the geese. 

Feeding the geese. 

They had a ride on the Looff Carousel. Jeremy had a ride too! He's next to Elizabeth. 

They are too old now to appreciate the big  wagon slide. They slid one time and said they were done. 

We took a trip out to the valley and went to Discovery Park. They weren't impressed with one of their favorite old parks! I think they're just getting too big for play toys! 

However, they had a great time when we went to the Spokane River. They played around and had great fun here. We had watched the IMAX movie about Lewis and Clark so they pretended to be the explorers. Nathan here is posing as Lewis. 

The river was so clear here! 

Jeremy took off this shoes. It was cold!

Pretending to be Lewis again. 

We did some hiking on the Centennial Trail. This was a big hit. 

Spending hours swimming in the hotel pool was also a big hit. They would have stayed in there all night! 


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