Saturday, August 13, 2016

No More Headgear!

Nathan's mouth is metal free for awhile! 

His expander was put on at the end of January. It came off the end of July! He had to wear the expander and the nightly headgear for 6 months, but it fixed his bite. 

He had a crossbite AND an underbite. Now, his bite is normal! 

Next month, the orthodontist is going to fit 4 little braces on his front permanent teeth to make them straight and put them in the right places for spacing purposes. The hope is that by doing this, he won't need braces when all his permanent teeth come in when he's 12. I'm sure we won't get that lucky though. 

It's funny because when he had it all put on 6 months ago, he cried and hated it all! The expander made it so he couldn't swallow and so that food was always getting stuck in there. He hated wearing the headgear at night because it hurt and was hot and uncomfortable. 

THEN, when he had it taken off, he cried because he said he was going to miss it so much. He now liked the expander because he could crack food on it and pretend to be a wild animal. He liked the headgear because it was like a headmask or something a knight would wear. He kind of used it as a weapon. So he spent several days crying when it was gone! 

Now that it's been a couple of weeks, he's all back to normal. I'm so thankful he's talking normally again! He never sounded quite right wearing that expander. The spit sucking sounds are gone too! Yay! 

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