Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lake Coeur D'Alene and Triple Play

We drove over to Idaho to go to Lake Coeur D'Alene and then play at Triple Play.
Hi Idaho! It was Elizabeth's first trip to Idaho. Nathan had been there once before when he was 1 when we visited Auntie LeAnne. 

Playing in the lake. It was chilly! Elizabeth managed to fill up her pockets with rocks, sticks and gross old feathers as usual. 

After playing in the lake, we went to Triple Play. There were a lot of fun things to do there! 

We bowled a few games. The scores were pretty predictable. Every game, Jeremy got 1st, I got 2nd, Nathan got 3rd, and Elizabeth got 4th. 

There were fun bumper boats. 

The ticket to Triple Play included some arcade tokens. The kids and Jeremy played some arcade games. Here they are racing motorcycles. 

We also did a few fun activities that I couldn't get pictures of. Such as: 

1. Bumper Cars. The kids loved those! It was Elizabeth's favorite activity. 

2. Laser Tag. It was our first time ever doing laser tag.  This was Nathan's favorite part of triple play. A group of people get to shoot each other with laser guns. Elizabeth and I were not so good at this game. Jeremy, however, was excellent and was always one of the top shooters when the scores were displayed. I guess that makes sense though! He trains to do that kind of stuff! Nathan just liked shooting people. 

3. Go-Karts. For Go Karts, we got to drive around a course outside in little gas engine go carts. Nathan was really sad that he was too short to drive since he is a good driver! One kid got to ride with Jeremy and one kid got to ride with me. The kids liked riding with Jeremy better. He was always the best driver on the course and usually somehow lapped me and everybody else 2 times! But again, that makes sense his job at work is training people how to drive around courses at fast speeds. He knows all the tricks! 

4. Mini-Golf. This was probably their least favorite activity. They only wanted to do it once. Elizabeth seems to be a natural at putting! She was sinking putts every time and has never before putted. 

We didn't do the waterpark part. Since we were going to Silverwood the next day, we figured we could skip it. There was plenty else to do! 

After we got back to the hotel, the kids spent another few hours swimming in the pool. Jeremy and I ate the free cookies!

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