Monday, August 15, 2016

Nathan's 9th birthday party!

Nathan had his 9th birthday party! It was  Harry Potter birthday. 

Here are the balloons with the 4 different house colors. 

The kids watched as Nathan opened his presents. 

Papa Ray played some games. 

A fun new game!

A new fishing net!

Some new weapons. 

Everyone  hanging out at the party. 

His new bow and arrow set. 

His new stuffed animals. His cupcakes were blue frosting. All the sprinkles matched up with Hogwarts house colors. His plates were blue and gold for Ravenclaw colors. 

Finishing blowing out his candle. (Papa Norm is pointing out our great grapes outside). 

Family photo

He set up different Harry Potter animals around the house. Here, he tied his 3 stuffed dogs together to make Fluffy. He also had a snake, a white owl, etc. 

Nathan in his Ravenclaw robe with Firebolt and wand. 

Elizabeth in her Hufflepuff robe wtih Firebolt and wand. She's also wearing the "sorting hat." 

Our front door was decorated like a castle staircase. 

Giving his new stuffed animals their checkups. He says before they come to him, they are in a deep sleep. He wakes them up and gives them shots and fat deposit systems. Then, he names them. Good luck Gram! 

Thanks for coming everyone! 


Nguyễn Ly said...
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mark lawrence said...

Nathan's 9th birthday party is very beautiful. I am so impressed with the décor idea. You have shared very nice photos. At one of the San Francisco venues we are hosting the carnival themed summer holiday party for our family kids. It is truly going to be enjoyable for all of us.

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