Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Tea

Elizabeth's preschool held a Mother's Day Tea Party. Elizabeth was unbelievably excited about this party. She said she could hardly sleep the night before and when the morning came she just burst out of her room ready to get dressed. She said we just had to go as twins. I (jokingly) told her that I didn't think you were allowed to wear all white clothes to preschool. She told me that was not a rule. I don't think she understood my joke. 

She got this beautiful sash that she just had to get a picture of. Also, these are my new flowering baskets that I received for Mother's Day! I love them!

Spinning with her ribbon. 

Having our tea. 

They had cake from a bakery, so to be safe, I had to bring her a cupcake from home. She ate it up! Luckily the frosting was white...

The kids got up to sing their Mothers Day songs. 

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