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Now that the kids are old enough, they have jobs they have to complete every day. I have 2 little whiteboards near the door. Every time I need something done, I write it on their board and they have to complete it and check it off. So far, no complaints! Today's jobs were: 

1. Put away her clean laundry. 
2. Unload dishwasher. 
3. Set table 

1. Put away his clean laundry. 
2. Pull in garbage
3. Practice piano
4. Finish any homework (it's always due Fridays)

Sometimes, it hard for me because (with Elizabeth especially) the jobs take SO MUCH longer than if I were just to do it myself. I just have to remind myself that they need to learn to do these things no matter how long it takes them. 

Here was Nathan mopping the floors the other day. 


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