Monday, May 11, 2015


The kids were baptized! A lot of family members came to share in the experience. 

After the baptism, we ate out at a restaurant with the kids for the first time ever! I had heard that Red Robin was the best place to go for food allergies. Nathan ate his burger and no hives (or anything worse) happened! He couldn't have the fries as they had milk in the seasoning, but he had a burger and fruit. I asked the server to:

1. Clean off a cooking space on the grill just for his burger. 
2. Use a flipping utensil for just his burger. 
3. Make sure clean gloves were used when grabbing the bun for his burger (in case the person had just put cheese on burgers or something). 

It worked! The kids were actually really patient at the restaurant and not too fidgety. 

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