Friday, May 22, 2015

Elizabeth graduates preschool!

Elizabeth's preschool had a ridiculously cute little graduation! 

First, all of the kids put on a show. They sang a whole slew of nursery rhymes complete with hand motions. It was adorable! Elizabeth is sitting in the top row (in a blue gown) with the white bow on her head. 

Here is everyone. There are 4 classes up there. After their songs, there was a short intermission so they could line up to get on their caps. 

The kids walked in!  Elizabeth has the white shoes. Her friend Ali is right in front of her. 

Elizabeth walked out to receive her diploma from her teachers. 

Everyone with their diplomas. 

Nathan and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Ali

Family picture

Papa Ray and Kim came down!

Elizabeth and her teachers. 

After the graduation. 

Off to kindergarten!

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