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Piano Lessons?

We have piano for an hour a week now. Nathan has a lesson for half an hour and then Elizabeth has her lesson. Since it's not dark out yet, the person not having their lesson has several outdoor activities while waiting. 

Horses! They love the horses. 

Bunny counting! You can't see in this picture, but there is a jackrabbit hopping across the driveway. And not just one! Elizabeth counted 13 jump across as we got closer. A few times, we have seen a coyote or two.  

Finding sticks, leaves, and cool rocks. We usually leave piano lessons with a new collection of sticks, leaves and rocks! Who can say that about their music lesson? 

Also, this time of year, the piano teacher has a lot of leaves and pods falling from trees. Nathan has been raking those for her while he waits for Elizabeth to be done. 

Once it gets dark early, the kids will have to read for that 30 minutes they don't have piano. 


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