Monday, September 12, 2016

Fairy Gardens

Papa Ray and Kim came down to make fairy gardens with the kids. Elizabeth was SO excited. Look at her face!

Here she is going through all the fun little things Kim brought to put in the fairy garden. 

The fairy garden was in a wagon. First, Nathan filled it with dirt. 

Then, the kids got to work making it a fairy home! 

They put in the little bridge and used blue beads to make a river going underneath. Kim and Ray had brought lots of plants that they planted. The fairies have chairs to sit in and a little wheelbarrow. 

Here's the final product. 

Elizabeth made another tiny fairy garden with the stuff Nathan didn't want to use in the big fairy garden. 

They have been playing with these little fairy gardens all afternoon! Elizabeth moves the fairies around and makes them talk and play. Things are also getting moved around. 

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