Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lewis and Clark

We went to Sacajawea State Park today to visit their heritage days festival. They had Lewis and Clark and their camp set up. They also had lots of other interesting activities! 
Papa Norm and Grandma Jane are very interested in Lewis and Clark so they decided to come down for the afternoon. 

The kids really enjoyed looking at and feeling all the fur pelts. Nathan did pretty well at identifying which animals were which! 

The campground area. 

More animal pelts. 

Looking at different historical artifacts. 

An old dugout canoe. Earlier in the day, the Lewis and Clark expedition had paddled around in the boat. We missed that part. Nathan was sad about that. 

Another wooden canoe with Papa Norm looking on. 

Asking a few questions of Captain Lewis 

Elizabeth standing on the dock where the Snake and Columbia Rivers meet. Nathan met some fishermen there and they gave him some tips on how to catch salmon and catfish. Those are the two kinds of fish he really wants to catch. 

Nathan wearing a real coonskin cap like Davy Crockett! He loves Davy Crockett. 

A 200 year old jacket. 

Native American clothes! Also very old. 

Elizabeth wearing the fur hat. 

Nathan trying on a jacket from the French and Indian War. This jacket was 260+ years old! I couldn't believe they would let kids try it on, but they did!  He decided to wear his hat that Papa and Gram got him at Fort Ticonderoga a few years ago, and he thought it matched up well with the jacket. 

Putting it on. 

A police officer and some explorers showed up and were passing out stickers. We did not know they were going to be there.  Another police officer we know quite well came by to say hi as well! 

The kids were ready to saw logs! 

Jeremy and some explorers watched the kids saw the log. 

They cut the log! It took them awhile, but they did it. 

Jeremy chopped some wood for the guy running his steam tractor. Then, he gave some lessons to the explorers on how to chop wood. Jeremy is a pro at chopping wood. 

The old steam tractor. 

There was a "Birds of Prey" exhibit. The kids loved this! There was a red tailed hawk, a barn old, a horned owl, and a falcon. 

Nathan relaxing at one of the camps. 

The kids headed down to Lewis and Clark's camp. This was the actual spot that Lewis and Clark camped in 1805 I think they said. 

Some men in the expedition were cooking their dinner. 

More exploring of the camps. 

Elizabeth collected some shells and rocks as usual! 

Gram and Papa Norm were very nice and bought the kids popcorn, snow cones and a small token from the gift shop. Thanks grandparents! 

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