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Labor Day Pool Party

We had a pretty laid back Labor Day weekend. Jeremy had to work so the kids and I stayed around town. The weather was beautiful and perfect so they played outside a LOT. It was like 75 and sunny every day. 

On Monday, their swimming teachers had the end of the year "Swim Party." A lot of the other kids were there and there were snow cones! 

The kids and one of their swim teachers Miss Maddie. She is leaving for college in a few days. Good luck Miss Maddie! The kids wanted to take this picture in front of their chicken coop. 

The kids and their other swim teacher Miss Marissa. She is also heading to college with her sister in a few days. Thank you for all your hard work teaching the kids! 

Elizabeth executing a perfect "pencil" dive. 

Nathan jumped into the pool to get the ball from the tennis court. 

Elizabeth spent some time hanging out in the hot tub. 

Here is Nathan playing paddle ball on the tennis court with a few other Dads and some other boys.  He is in the blue swimsuit on the side with the Dads. He thought it was great fun when the ball was hit into the pool. He'd just run and jump in to grab the ball!

The kids got their end of the year certificates. Both kids have passed all the swimming lesson levels and know what there is to know. If we want, they can be done with swimming lessons. The teacher said they will offer another level next year that will focus on endurance swimming where they swim more laps and really focus on their strokes. I'm sure we will do a few weeks of that. They just love swimming! 


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