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Nathan's Duathlon

Nathan ran and biked in a duathlon today! 

He was number 208. 

Here's the start! His age group was the 9-12 so he was probably about the youngest kid there since he just turned 9 a month ago.  
Off they go! He's the little one in the blue shirt behind this Captain America kid. 

Here they are from behind. He's in back here. 

They ran one big lap around this field. He's the little one in the blue. He will end up passing the 2 girls in front of him and Captain America. He ran the whole lap and didn't stop 1 time! He really tried hard. I'm thinking the lap was probably somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 a mile? 

After a lap, they jumped on their bikes and pedaled down to the fire station and back. After the race, Nathan said this part was tricky because the road had so many potholes. 

Once they finished the biking portion, they ran the lap around again. Nathan never stopped! He just kept going and passed a few more people. 

Here he came through the finish line. 

All the kids got little medals. 

Drinking his water and smiling. He said he was really proud of how well he did since he never once stopped and he tried really hard. 

The winners were the 12 year olds. That was obvious! They were much bigger and had much bigger bikes. He probably beat around 6 people so that's pretty good. 

He wanted to stand on the podium and sing the National Anthem in front of the huge flag. I coudn't get the flag in the picture!

Elizabeth got up on the podium. He was not too pleased about this. She says that next year she is going to do the race too. They had a 5-8 year old category that just ran one lap and then just rode their bikes a short distance. 

Good job Nathan! He said he had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again next year. 


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