Friday, October 9, 2015

Kindergarten Field Trip!

Today, all 80 kindergartners took a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was Elizabeth's first time on a bus! You would have thought the bus ride was the field trip she was so excited. She AND all the other 79 kindergartners. The energy level was a bit ridiculous. 

Pulling out of the parking lot at school. 

We arrived at the pumpkin patch!

Part of my group searching for the perfect pumpkin. 

This is the one she chose. It had to be small enough that they could carry it on their own. 

Despite it being October, it was really warm out. We were all pretty darn hot in our light jackets. The 3 years we've lived here has been 3 years of being hot at the pumpkin patch. Seems a bit weird!

Her class! 4 classes came on the trip. 

Charlotte waiting to get on the bus. 

Elizabeth is getting tall!

Sitting with her pumpkin on the bus ride home. 

Making some silly faces. 

This is how excited she was! 

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