Friday, October 16, 2015


The kids had their Jogathon today! It was a perfect day weather wise. Warm enough so you weren't cold, but cold enough you weren't too hot while running! I got to mark laps off for Nathan's class. 

Before the running, Nathan's class did some warm ups and stretching. Nathan wanted to take his glasses off for running. For those of you who might not recognize him without glasses, he's in the WSU Cougar sweatshirt on the left in front. 

Here he is coming around during one of his first few laps. His teacher is marking off his lap. They all had a giant sticky note on their back for easy marking! 

As Nathan was getting his back checked, Elizabeth ran by! At this time, Nathan also decided he was too hot to wear his sweatshirt. We had to take it off, take off the giant sticky note, and then reapply it to his short sleeve shirt underneath! 

During one of the laps, they ran by together so I grabbed them for a picture!

Here's a picture of Nathan running in the red shirt and Elizabeth turned to look at me. 

There goes Elizabeth in the middle of the group and Nathan's toward the outer edge in the red shirt! 

Eventually, Elizabeth started slowing down and walked with her friend Cecelia. 

They held hands. It was pretty cute. 

Here's Nathan drinking his water after the Jogathon. 

Here's Elizabeth waving goodbye from her line as I left for home. 

The trees are looking so pretty! This is my favorite tree on the walk home. 

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