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The kids had a fun Halloween! Gosh, they got a lot of candy! They couldn't eat most of it due to the allergies, but that's why we buy a ton to switch out the candy they can't have. Jeremy and I have a LOT of Snickers, Butterfingers, Reeses, etc, to eat! We don't mind. 

This year, we had a wolf and a cheetah. Nathan's wolf costume was kind of a hybrid. We got him a new wolf top, but he wore his old dog bottoms that Auntie Laura made for him a few years ago. They barely fit and were a bit short, but they were great since they were white and had a tail! We like to recycle! 
Elizabeth's was a cheetah (even though I'm pretty sure it was a leopard...). She said she was a cheetah. Like always, we were glad for warm costumes tonight. It wasn't too cold, but we did have some passing showers. Luckily, we managed to avoid the showers for the most part and they did a lot of trick r treating! 

I took a few pictures before it got too dark outside. Across the street, they got puzzles and ring pops! 

Walking around. 

They are good at taking turns at doorbells. 

We ran into Elizabeth's friend Ali! She was a beautiful fairy princess with glowing wings. 

We picked up a few glow sticks along the way. 

When we got home, I texted Nathan's old 1st grade teacher. She lives up a gravel road and she said they never get any trick r treaters so we drove up! Her girls were quite excited to pass out candy. Nathan was very happy to see his old teacher and gave her a big hug. 


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