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Harvest Party

Our neighbor put on her fantastic fall block party! It's always such fun every year. We all brought food and she had some great games out to play. She held the party a week early this year, and the weather was fantastic! It was a bit warm-mid 70's. The weather usually makes the big change to fall around the third week of October so it was smart to move the party up a week. 

Here are Nathan and Sawyer racing with spoons of sunflower seeds. Since Nathan was racing a 3 year old, he won. Sadly, Elizabeth could not take part in the game due to the sunflower seeds. We also didn't feel comfortable with either kid bobbing for apples either just because what if someone else had just eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Not worth the risk. 

Nathan hanging upside down. A girl from Elizabeth's classroom was at the party. Elizabeth and Alice played together in the little fort. 

Here's the pumpkin roll. These little boys were so cute! 

Here's Nathan doing the pumpkin roll race. 

The firefighters were supposed to come but didn't show up. Luckily, Jeremy had called the police department and THEY showed up and gave the kids stickers and let them play in the car. The police called the fire department and told them to come up. 

Elizabeth and Charlotte in the back of the police car. Let's hope this never really happens! 

At one point, everyone decided to ride all kinds of bikes, scooters, and trikes. Cars could not make it down the road there were so many kids! Luckily, most people that would drive down the street were already at the party so only about 2-3 cars had to turn around. 

Everyone talking and enjoying the party. 

Nathan zooming around on his bike. 

A picture with the police. 

Right as the police were leaving, the fire truck showed up. 

Climbing all over the fire truck! 

All the kids posing in front of the truck. What a fun party!


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