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Flu Shot Day

We had flu shots a week or so ago. The kids had their flu shots done at the allergist's office since Nathan is severely allergic to eggs. They get their shots and we wait 30 minutes to make sure Nathan doesn't have a reaction. Last year, there was no reaction.   This year, there was a huge welt there! They put on a little anti-histamine cream and he was ok. 

Last year, the kids and I got the shot and didn't get the flu. Jeremy didn't get the shot and did get the flu. Since that happened, I decided to make sure the kids and I got the shot again even though there will always be the chance of Nathan reacting to the egg in the shot. 

I had to get the flu shot at one of the school districts flu clinics so after the kids' shots, we drove over to a school and I had my shot done. While I was in line for my shot, the kids and Jeremy played outside on the toys. It was a beautiful fall day so I snapped a few pictures as we were leaving. 


Leonardo said…
As a guy and living a busy schedule, I never really think about getting sick. I've heard some of my work buddies mentioning their wife taking the kids to get the flu shot. After getting sick with the full and missing a week from work, I think I will get one next year, though I'll want to learn more about the side effects first.

Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group

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