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Zoo Trip!

We just got back from a big trip! Our first stop on our big trip was to visit Bryan and Amy. They were so nice and took us to the zoo! 

We watched a show that included a flying dog. Yep, a dog is flying a little plane. 

The dog found a golden bone! Pippa could use one of these! 

Nathan watching the sharks.

He really liked the sharks. 

Touching some sea creatures. 

3 baby snow leopards! 

Elephant watching. 

Tiger watching. Nathan was sad we didn't see the polar bears. They were all inside since it's too hot out for them. I guess we'll have to come back in wintertime to see them! 

A big tiger

I guess she's a hermit crab. 

Two birds in a nest. 

A spider

A fun sandbox!

Elizabeth made some new friends! Here she is sliding with Robert. 

The boys were very nice about sharing and let our kids play with their toys. Nathan enjoyed the trains. 

Elizabeth's new friend Gavin let her play on his teeter totter. They had a lot of fun on there! 

They even let us stay at their house! Bryan did a fantastic bed time storytime. Much more exciting then mine! 

Thanks for letting us stay!


Amy and Bryan said…
We were happy to have you stay with us :-)

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