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A visit to Montesano

Since we were out at the beach, we decided we had to swing through Montesano to check out Jeremy's hometown. We drove by his schools and his Mom's old house and neighborhood. 

We took a tour of the courthouse. It was built in 1911! It wasn't a long tour, but that was ok with Elizabeth. 

Then, we visited Jeremy's old elementary school. The kids played on the toys and had fun running around. 

They liked that there were cows next to the playground. 

I was most impressed with the fact that the play areas outside were all covered! Here's Jeremy in one of the play areas. 

Here's another play area. 

You could walk around the school in the shade!  Jeremy informed me it was really for the rain. 

We then headed down to Great Wolf Lodge. On the way, we swung by Papa Ray's houses and showed the kids around the circle. 


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