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I found a 13 year old dress

Today is our 13 year wedding anniversary! My wedding dress was put in a box 13 years ago and forgotten about. We pulled the box out of my parents basement a few months ago. We decided our anniversary was a good day to open the box and see if the dress was all wrapped up in plastic. It was just wrapped up in tissue paper so Elizabeth and I played princesses! 

She had to put on her princess dress to match me. 

The Royal guard showed up with his broken sword and bow and arrow to protect the queen and princess from all ills. 

Then, Elizabeth decided since my dress was so big, I should use the WHOLE couch as my throne and she would sit by my side as princess. Then, the Royal guard came and we gave him orders. 

He brought the princess a matching crown. 

It is a puffy dress! I sure loved that dress. Today, I remembered why! Happy anniversary to us!


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