Thursday, July 23, 2015

State Capital

We decided to take the kids to the state capital building for a tour. 

The kids and I are waving from the top of the stairs. We're just too small to see!

A very huge heavy old Tiffany chandelier. 

Lots of marble in this building!

The House of Representatives. I didn't take any in the Senate. 

In each chamber, all names of the 39 counties are posted in pairs. One of the pairs (I tried to zoom in) was Grays Harbor and Benton. Those are the 2 counties Jeremy calls home! 

Nathan really enjoyed the tour. He asked a few questions and was interested in all the new facts he had learned. Elizabeth....well, it was a long 45 minutes for her. She was NOT interested. She did ok though and didn't have a breakdown so that was a plus! 

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