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Fun at Great Wolf Lodge

Our second day at Great Wolf Lodge, I brought out my camera to take a few pictures of all the fun! Although cameras around water is a bit scary!

Here's Elizabeth in front of the wave pool. Behind her are the "Crazy" waves. She didn't like the "Crazy: waves as much as the rolling waves. The crazy waves kind of threw her around. Between waves, the pool would be calm for a while. 

Here she is swimming in the pool when there were no waves going. 

A picture of the water park. 

A wave is catching her!

They had a giant bucket that dumped 1000 gallons of water every so often. She's standing near where it happens. 

In the basketball pool. 

Trying to climb up on a lilypad. 

Nathan spent most of his time on this waterslide. 

He slid down this slide over and over. Jeremy and Elizabeth went down it too sometimes on a double intertube. 

Nathan going across the lilypads. 

She hopped across. 

How food allergy families do lunch. Sitting on the sidewalk outside the park. (We had to check out of our room at 11 so had no where to eat). 

When the fun with water was over, they took part in a "Mystery" adventure. First, we had to buy an expensive stuffed animal with a LED chip inside its paw. Then, they went around to computers that talked to them. 

Taking part in the adventure. 

Elizabeth getting out of a waterslide. 

The room key! How handy is this? It's waterproof and you just hold it up to your door. 


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