Saturday, November 1, 2014


The sunrise on Halloween was BEAUTIFUL!!! 

After lunch on Halloween, we went to the "Mad Scientist Party" in the 1st grade. Jeremy and I helped out with one of the experiment stations. Our station made ice cream! Nathan's teacher is allergic to milk so she understands his issue. She bought almond milk for him to make the ice cream with!! 

As you can see from the right side of this picture, there was an honorary 1st grader present at the party. Her name was Elizabeth and she did just beautifully rotating through all the science stations. At this station, they created "skeletons" out of q-tips. She also enjoyed the oobleck station and the oil/water station. And of course the ice cream station! She ate all of that up!

When we got home from school, we cleaned up the house and porch, had an early dinner, and the kids got their costumes on! 

Thor has an intense pose. Tinkerbell thought she had to pose as well since she likes to do what big brother does. 

Tinkerbell's wand was a glow stick wand. Handy for Halloween! 

I think they saw Superman. 

We started trick r treating before it got dark. They were really good about taking turns ringing doorbells. 

I kept making them pose in front of the beautiful sunset. It was a great day for sunrises and sunsets. 

More sunset. 

Elizabeth ran into her friend Ali from preschool. Isn't her witch's costume cute? 

Our neighbor Charlotte was Elsa. 

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