Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Bonfire at Grandma Pam's

We went up to Ellensburg for Jeremy's birthday bonfire. We had a GREAT day. I took a ton of pictures! It was FREEZING cold out, but the wind wasn't blowing and the sky was blue so it was a good day for a bonfire. The bonfire kept us warm! 

Grandma Pam prepared a Mongolian Grill style lunch for us. It was fantastic. 

Jeremy got some new clamps for his birthday. Elizabeth couldn't get them open. She was trying hard!

Nathan managed to get them open and pinched Uncle Brian's finger. 

This was a cute Elizabeth photobomb. She was the only one who knew the picture was being taken. This is what happens if you give Brian your camera. 

There's the pile ready to burn!

Folding up the tarp. 

Grandma Pam's pond was frozen solid and the ice was THICK. Even this worried Mom wasn't worried it was so thick. The kids LOVED the frozen pond. It looked like glass and they could see everything underneath. It wasn't wet either. 

Grandma Pam gave them new hats and gloves! Aren't they great?

Walking on the ice

They figured out they could "swim." 

Jeremy swimming

Everyone swimming

They found 4 eggs in the chicken house!

Grandma Pam had raked a lot of leaves. You might be able to see a blue dot and a pink dot in all those leaves! 

Uncle Brian tossed Elizabeth in. 

Nathan chilling in the pile of leaves. 

Jeremy dumping diesel all over. 

Waiting for the signal to start the fire. 

They lit it. 

It got out of control quite quickly. Luckily we had a firefighter and a low pressure hose...They managed to keep it under control. 

Jeremy tossing in old pallets. 

The kids liked sliding rocks all over the ice. 

Rock sliding

Uncle Brian was brave and stepped right into the fire!

A family photo with tools. 

Nathan was mad that Elizabeth wanted to stand on the rock with him so we told him he didn't have to be in the family photo. 

We substituted with Uncle Brian. 

Nathan read a book to Elizabeth and the cat. 

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