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Church Trunk or Treat

We headed to the church trunk or treat last night (after Elizabeth's preschool party). As you can see, Nathan was Thor this year. I think he just wanted the hammer. This is him doing his "Thor" pose. 

Getting candy

They posed in front of the big Seahawk player. 

After getting candy, they had arts and crafts inside. 

Being a food allergy Mom, I had to prevent a disaster as usual. It's just never ending. 

Elizabeth was coloring a paper. Another girl came and started coloring. Then, the girl got out a Reeses's peanut butter cup and started eating it. Boy, did she make a mess. Peanut butter got all over her hands. Since she was using the same crayons as Elizabeth, I told Elizabeth we would finish coloring at home. The girl wanted to be helpful since she saw we were leaving and grabbed Elizabeth's pumpkin to give to us. Peanut butter got smeared all over the top of Elizabeth's pumpkin. I had to find a bathroom and wash it off really well. It's amazing how well I've developed Hawk eyes since having children with these allergies! 


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Snow Mountains

Just needed to throw up a picture of the kids running across the snow mountains in the church parking lot. 

Cascade Mountains

Jeremy and I went to Seattle last week and I took some pretty pictures of the drive. 

We went the Snoqualmie Falls way and made a quick stop by the falls. It was 45 degrees so I thought it would feel warm compared to the 10 degrees it was at home. Yet it somehow still felt really cold? 


Elizabeth has been begging me for bangs for a while. They will take a bit more maintenance, but hopefully her hair is straight enough they will lie flat and not be too much to work with. Here she is with her new bangs.