Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elizabeth funnies

She likes to dress up at a princess every day. She puts on a dress, jewelry, fancy shoes, and a crown. 

We found this life size princess at Target. She will not be getting it for Christmas...

She did; however, get a new package of socks at Target. She proceeded to put on ALL 10 pairs of socks. Yes, they are all on her feet. She then thought it would be funny to put on every pair of underwear she owns. She couldn't get anymore on, so she started putting them on her head like a hat. Then, she put on her mittens. She couldn't get any more pairs of mittens on, so she stuck them in her undies. 

Another day, another princess dress up. 

1 comment:

Christel said...

LOH she is a funny one! ��

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