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We went up to Royal for Thanksgiving this year. Here are some of the exciting pictures from Thanksgiving Day!

Pippa wore her Thanksgiving bows. See how she models them?

Nathan got to drive  Papa Norm's brand new Kubota! 

He could pull the steering wheel right up to his level! 

Off they go!

Elizabeth waving. 

More pictures of Pippa posing. This is her special ottoman. 

Elizabeth got to drive too!

Heading out!

Guess Who was played. 

Pippa had a nap. 

More Guess Who. 

Pippa posed as she sniffed the wind. 

Or maybe it was turkey she smelled. Jeremy carved it up quite nicely!

Laura was the gravy expert. 

Nathan set the table. 

Elizabeth ate olives and did her olive dance. 

A picture at dinner. 

The west side of the table. 

The East side of the table. 

Pippa had a ride. 

Uncle Brian made a surprise appearance! 

He made Nathan a nice hat. 

Uncle Brian riled up the kids a bit. 

They smashed and bashed. 

Auntie Laura was a bit more calming. They snuggled in their footie jams. 

It's hard to hold that big one!

Gram read stories. 

And...Pippa stared at Laura. She stares at Laura all the time. It's hilarious!


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