Monday, December 21, 2015

Playing and Fighting

Well, it's Christmas Break around here. The kids are trying to stay busy. I'm trying to referee fights. Sometimes, if they're fighting too much, I just send them to play in their rooms for a LONG time alone. Sometimes, they play fine for hours. Other times, they're just bickering and fighting. 
So far, they've only been able to play for a few hours outside. It's either too rainy, too windy or too cold. The big hole they dug has now filled with water so they call it the mud pit. Let's just say I've washed their coats and gloves almost every day so far and we're only 3 days into break. Today, they made like 10 mud cakes and set those out to dry on the picnic table. The mud pit is by far their favorite place to play. If it were warmer, they'd be out there all day. It's hard to keep them entertained inside all day!
I've been letting them take the cushions off the couch. They've built forts. 
We bought Elizabeth a new mattress now that she's FINALLY sleeping through the night dry every night. 6 straight days in undies with no leaks!! We are done with pullups FOREVER!!! We've been waiting for this day for awhile. She has just really struggled with staying dry at night. 
Anyway, since we bought her a new mattress, we're letting them use the old mattress as a trampoline over winter break. We just threw it in the hallway and they bounce up and down the hall all the time. There have of course been fights about it. 
Things should improve Friday once they have some new toys to play with. Next week, we'll go up and visit Gram and Papa for a few days while Jeremy is at Explorer Academy for a week. 

This was mega block day. They built (and destroyed and cried about) several neat towers. 

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