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Lighted Boat Parade

We will be celebrating our 4th Christmas here and had never been to the lighted boat parade on the Columbia! 
Either Jeremy was working, we had a law enforcement ball, or it was too cold. 
This year, none of those things happened so we went to the celebration! Unfortunately, I got no decent pictures of the lighted boats out on the water. They just didn't turn out well in the dark with my camera. 

Before the boat parade, they had some excerpts from "The Nutcracker."  After that, they let all the little kids come up and dance with the ballerinas to pieces from "The Nutcracker." Yes, Elizabeth is in snowpants. It wasn't snowy. They were to keep her warm when we were watching the lighted boat parade. It actually worked out really well! Nathan said he was too embarrassed to go up and dance so that was ok. 

They had some great holiday light displays! Here are the kids beneath a lighted tree. 

All along the path down to the river, they had little displays like this. It was really neat! We only did  a picture in front of the police car. 

Olaf and The Grinch were wandering around. They didn't want to go anywhere near the Grinch! 

Elizabeth's favorite part of the boat parade was finding this gross dead fish washed up on the shore. She actually picked it up by the tail and brought it to show me. Nice, huh? 

There are some boats out there. I should have had Jeremy take pictures. His camera is better!


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