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More Sledding!

We did more sledding today! The sun decided to come out so it was very pretty! 

Elizabeth waiting for Papa to give her a pull. 

There she goes! 

Nathan posing on the sled. 

Laura and Nathan rode the sled together!

Papa tried to make better sled trails by using Nathan for weight. 

Papa started pulling two people! 

Here come Laura and Nathan. 

Those little sleds were hard for we grown ups to fit into. 

Nathan turned himself into a unicorn with this icicle. 

Sledding out on the road. Nathan could go a LONG way on the sled since it's all downhill. He said he was scared to sled on the road (even though there are barely any cars.)

Pippa would run beside him on his way down. I guess she was making sure he was safe. 

The kids peeled apples with Papa to make an apple crisp. There was a nice fight about who got to's always been Nathan's job but now someone else is big enough to peel. Nathan doesn't like that. 

They decided to take turns cutting up the apples into smaller pieces while the other peeled. It was a good compromise! 


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