Thursday, December 17, 2015

Church Christmas Concert

The church Christmas concert was held last Sunday. This year, Elizabeth got to put on her angel wings to sing! Last year, she was a shepherd and didn't think those costumes were as pretty. 

She's all lined up and ready to go. Somehow, we teachers got all those angels wings on with 2 minutes to spare. 

I will feature a picture of our best classroom assistant: Nathan. 

She wanted to wear her sparkly purple outfit. 

Looking like an angel...

Lined up waiting to go sing. 

One of her friends from kindergarten at her school. 

Jeremy took these photos and this is when she saw the grandparents. She got pretty excited. 

All the kindergarten angels awaiting their turn to sing. 

Elizabeth waiting and looking at Jeremy to get her picture taken. 

Jeremy's view of the waiting. 

She's up at singing!

In the back row! 

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