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Thanksgiving at Grandma's

We headed up to Grandma Pam's for Thanksgiving. It was a COLD but sunny day. 

Here's everyone right before eating Thanksgiving dinner. Well, everyone except Grandma Pam! 

Part of Thanksgiving was constructing a porch! Nathan helped carry some boards. 

Here is everyone stacking wood. 

Jeremy did some cutting. 

Elizabeth and her Grandmas. 

Attacking Uncle Brian. 

Uncle Brian made Elizabeth and Nathan walk on the ceiling. 

Grandma Pam and her grandkids. 

Elizabeth had fun wiping snow off everything she could find! 

Running to see if the pond is frozen over. 

The pond was mostly frozen over so they could walk around on it. 

Sliding rocks across the pond. 

Brushing snow off the ice to look at the frozen water underneath. She thought it was neat that there were a lot of bubbles. 

Sliding around on the ice. 

Sliding on the ice! 

Over at the creek, they spent a LOT of time trying to break and crack the ice. Nathan fell in and soaked his boot and sock. 

They had a great time playing outside. I, however, was quite cold.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for all your hard work Grandma Pam! Your dinner was amazing. 


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